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Our inventory changes day to day, week to week. Many of the rugs and paintings displayed here will be in our inventory at the time of your viewing. Some, perhaps many, will have sold already. We try to update our website regularly, but you can be sure that many more options are available than what we have pictured here. Please check with us directly to see what we may have on hand or that we may be able to find for you. Contact information is on the next page.

She understands that not everyone can afford or even wants to be responsible for a highly collectible rug. Her goal? To bring great-looking, affordable, hand-knotted works of art, mostly Persian or Turkish, vintage, semi-antique or antique to the long-time appreciator as well as to the casual or first time hand-made rug shopper. 

"I look at your floors as huge canvases waiting to be drawn on. You can pick the colors, the designs, the style, the age, the 'feel,' even the region your floor art comes from."

"Adding fine art, mostly early 20th to mid-century oil paintings to the mix was a natural fit with the rugs. Not everybody is looking for a rug, so I needed to branch out.  As a student of art history,  I relish finding "good" art at great prices for the knowledgeable and untrained."


​Lucy Keeble, developed a passion for "oriental" rugs at a very young age. She was inspired by a rug dealer who sold rugs to her parents. He was fond of saying, "The sands of the desert are in this rug!" That was all she needed to hear. She began collecting rugs as soon as she graduated from college because this same rug dealer let her buy her first rugs on a payment plan that a new teacher could afford. Yes, she still has those rugs!

Keeble also loves the search! She offers a low-cost fee-based search to help clients get the rug they want for the price they want to pay.